2 Thumb Snug Daddy 33 Jumbo Putter Grip - White / Red / Silver

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67.00 Grams

2 Thumb Snug Daddy 33 Jumbo Putter Grip – The Grip That Just Works

The 2 Thumb research and product development team has undertaken revolutionary studies into the shape of our hands in order to better understand the potential benefits of securely anchoring the grip.

The 2 Thumb Snug Daddy 33 Jumbo utilises a 2 Thumb Flat Pad area with gently radiused edges to help prevent grip twist, with less grip tension than round shaped grips.  This surface is mounted perpendicular to the putter face to make it easier to align your grip.

The 5mm radius edges fit snugly into the ‘lifeline’ between thumb and palm, helping give consistent grip alignment every time.  The 2 Thumb Snug Daddy 33 Jumbo only fits comfortably into the hand one way, therefore minimising inconsistent grip setup. 

The 2 Thumb Snug Daddy range of putter grips have a grip length of 325mm, compared to that of a standard putter grip measuring 260mm.  Increased putter grip length is designed to increase stability throughout the putting stroke.

The 2 Thumb Snug Daddy 33 Jumbo is finished using the latest dual layered polyurethane textured wrap to give it a tacky feel. 

Conforms to R&A and USGA rules


Golf Grip Specifications

2 Thumb
Snug Daddy 33 Jumbo
Round 0.580  (1.3” (33mm) Diameter Grip Profile – 12.8” (325mm) Grip Length)
White / Red / Silver