Aldila NXT GEN NV 65 Wood Shaft (67g) - 0.335 Tip - Green

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NXT GEN NV® Green - Low Launch & Low Spin

Debuting in early 2003, The Aldila® NV® Green is one of the most popular after market shafts ever made.  With that kind of success, why change what works.

The new NV® Green features the same constant taper design to a smooth and stable feel shot after shot.  The next generation NV® also incorporates Aldila®’s NexGen Micro Laminate Technology® (MLT) - which uses more than 20 layers of ultrathin, aerospace grade prepreg, that eliminate unwanted gaps and dead zones that can occur during the manufacturing process.

MLT enhances feel and eliminates inconsistent shots cause by shaft variability.

Aldila®have updated the NV® Green’s cosmetic appeal for today’s more global audience as well as developed lighter options and additional flexes to help fit more player worldwide.

The NV® Green was born to perform and continues to withstand the test of time.


NexGen Micro Laminate Technology® (MLT)

ALDILA®’s NexGen Micro Laminate Technology® (MLT) utilises ultra thin layers of premium aerospace grade materials.  Shafts with MLT use up to twice as many prepreg plies as alternative shafts, producing a stable, solid laminate void of dead zones.  This design revolution eliminates inconsistent shots caused by shaft variability, while enhancing feel.

Golf Shaft Specifications

FlexWeightTorqueTip DiameterButt DiameterRaw LengthBall FlightParallel TipTrim Code
Regular (R) 67g 3.5° 0.335" 0.620" 46" Low 3" WD14
Stiff (S) 67g 3.5° 0.335" 0.625" 46" Low 3" WD14