Lamkin Sink Fit Deep-V Standard Pistol Microlite Putter Grip - Black / Gold

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66.00 Grams

Lamkin Sink Fit Deep-V Putter Grips - Fingerprint Technology

The Sink Fit Deep-V is the first and only putter grip engineered with a thin proprietary Microlite underlisting. 

The grip range is complemented with a Fingerprint Technology rubber sleeve made from Lamkin’s Genesis Material.


This range of putter grips offer the feel, traction and durability of rubber, while providing the lightweight characteristics of underlisting grips with polyurethane sleeves.  

The Deep-V is a great choice for players looking for a lighter weight putter grip, but with all of the benefits of a longer lasting rubber grip.

The Deep-V putter grips are a great addition to the Lamkin range.  The Deep-V will aid golfers with an arc or inside to straight putting stroke.  They are also a perfect fit for players utilising traditional, overlap, reverse overlap and cross handed putting styles.  

The Deep-V  provides the most secure grip connection possible for fluid putting strokes - start sinking more putts today. 

Features & Highlights

  • Unique ergonomic “V” shaped pistol grip features a peak to create enhanced anchored traction and comfort also providing ideal assistance in the release of the putter head at impact..
  • Fingerprint technology, an intricate and highly detailed micro textures on the grip surface, delivers a more comfortable high traction feel for greater confidence with lighter grip pressure.
  • Sink Fit Deep-V grips incorporate a bi-construction technology featuring a Microlite underlisting.  The Genesis Material rubber sleeve provides the true feel of traditional rubber grips and offering a longer lasting and more resistant grip than polyurethane sleeved putter grips.

Golf Grip Specifications

Sink Fit Deep-V Standard Pistol Microlite
Core Size:
0.580 Round
Black / Gold