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Mezz.1 - Mezz-Merizingly Balanced


Want It Stock - Mezz.1

Mezz.1 Specification:

•     Mezz.1 Putter Head - Black (Alignment - Single Line)
•     Premium Straight Stepless Putter Shaft - Matte Black PVD
•     Press No. 2 1.5 Degrees Midsize Polyurethane Putter Grip - Black / White
•     Mezz.1 Tour Headcover - Black

Mezz.1 Stock Options:

•     Lie 67° / Length 33.00"
•     Lie 67° / Length 34.00"
•     Lie 67° / Length 35.00"

•     Lie 69° / Length 33.00"
•     Lie 69° / Length 34.00"
•     Lie 69° / Length 35.00"

•     Lie 71° / Length 33.00"
•     Lie 71° / Length 34.00"
•     Lie 71° / Length 35.00"

(Select Lie Angle & Length Above)

**Other Options Available As A Special Order - Please Get In Contact Via: website@adoregolfgrips.com**

It Looks Normal - But It Actually Helps You Hole More Putts

Looks are important, but so is science.  That’s why MEZZ.1 and MEZZ.1 MAX look pretty much like normal putters.  But unlike normal putters, they actually help you hole more putts.

Like all L.A.B. Golf putters, MEZZ.1 and MEZZ.1 MAX are 100% Lie Angle Balanced to make putting easier and more fun.  They feel like magic, but it’s just science.  

MEZZ.1 is forgiving (and MEZZ.1 MAX is even more forgiving) and they might just be L.A.B. Golf’s best feeling putters.

Outrageous Stability

MEZZ.1 and MEZZ.1 MAX use L.A.B. Golf’s most advanced construction to date.  The mid-section of the putter is fully CNC machined from 303 stainless to improve feel.  The body of the MEZZ.1 is fully CNC milled from a billet of 6061 aircraft Aluminium to improve forgiveness.

When putting you will get the feedback of steel but you will not suffer the penalty when it comes to forgiveness on off centre hits because it is wrapped in an Aluminium chassis.

L.A.B. Golf utilise weights, this allows each putter to be unique.  The weights optimise the balance of the putter for all the different lie angles and lengths.

Every MEZZ.1 and MEZZ.1 MAX is hand balanced and tested by L.A.B. Golf’s craftsmen at their headquarters in Eugene, Oregon.


Responsive Feedback

With MEZZ.1 and MEZZ.1 MAX, you will feel contact more than you would using a DF 2.1 putter.  This is great for golfers who want a little more feedback about how their putter is moving and can help with controlling pace on fast putts.  

The original Lie Angle Balanced putter, DF 2.1, is quite large and has a high MOI.  That combination makes it feel like it is gliding on rails.  Some golfers want this fully automatic experience, while others prefer to have a little more control and that’s what MEZZ.1 and MEZZ.1 MAX deliver.

Yep Mezz.1 Stays Square All By Itself

The L.A.B. Golf Story - Lie / Angle / Balance

Bill Presse, a former mini tour player had the idea to create a putter that would allow him to drastically simplify his stroke.  He wanted to be able to count on a square putter face every time, which led him to invent Lie Angle Balance.

Bill also wanted to create a putter head that would give him as much forgiveness as possible, so he developed the radical shape of the DF 2.1 as a way to maximise consistency on off centre hits.  Yes, it looks like a branding iron - but it works.

The L.A.B. Golf Claim

L.A.B. Golf putters can do amazing things other putters can’t because of Lie Angle Balance, or L.A.B. for short.  Lie Angle Balance gives every golfer the ability to consistently repeat the putting stroke with far less effort than with other putters.  This is achieved by eliminating torque.

Why We Hate Torque - The Low Torque Putter Revolution


Torque is an industry problem.  Golfers have been battling torque in their putters throughout the history of the game.  Most golfers have learned to adjust for torque by adding uneven hand pressure to the putter, introducing yet another variable into their putting stroke.

Even today’s largest club manufacturers have acknowledged the issue of torque, marketing putters with a variety of balance types, different levels of toe hang, counterbalance, face balance etc.  None of these products actually solve the problem - Lie Angle Balance does.

Proving It

Thankfully, it is not hard for L.A.B. Golf to prove their claims.  Before Bill Presse dreamed up Lie Angle Balance and the Directed Force 2.1, he developed a device called “The Revealer” to help him better understand the torque created by different kinds of putters.  If you watch the video below the issue of torque in putters is perfectly explained.  

Mezz.1 - Almost Does Everything

Lie Angle Balance doesn’t read greens.  It doesn’t line you up at your target.  You will have to figure out those things on your own.  However, Lie Angle Balance will help with distance control because your putter won’t want to flop around during your putting stroke.  Mezz.1 works with your stroke and not against it.  Off centre strikes will still run true and to the target.

A Forward Thinking Putter Grip

The forward press a misunderstood concept among golfers.  Golfers who understand it often find it difficult to execute.  Success comes from leaning the shaft forward at impact to reduce loft, while at the same time contacting the ball with an upward putter path to encourage the truest possible roll.

The Stock Mezz.1 comes fitted with a L.A.B. Golf Press No. 2 1.5 Degrees Midsize Polyurethane Putter Grip - Black / White.

Why Lie / Angle / Balance Matters

The hallmark of great putting is returning the putter face to square at impact, or perpendicular to the target line.  The latest research shows that 83% of a putts starting direction is influenced by the direction of the putter face at impact.  The other 17% is influenced by the path of the putter head.

Lie Angle Balance (L.A.B.) Technology makes it effortless for golfers to deliver a square putter face at impact.  Unlike other putters, L.A.B. Golf putters keep the putter face square to the arc throughout the stroke.  It makes putting as easy as picking the right line, the right speed, and making your natural stroke.

With no adjustments to make during the stroke, golfers can be confident that their putts will roll exactly where they are aiming.  With a L.A.B. Golf putter, golfers will quickly see that they are better putters than they think.

Putter Specifications

L.A.B. Golf
33.00" - 570g, 34.00" - 580g or 35.00" - 590g (Select Above)
Lie Angle:
67°, 69° or 71° (Select Above)