L.A.B. Golf Press No. 2 1.5 Degrees Midsize Polyurethane Putter Grip - Black / White

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59.00 Grams

L.A.B. Golf - Lie / Angle / Balance

L.A.B. Golf have created an interesting range of putter grips, incorporating Forward Press Technology.

L.A.B. Golf Press No. 2 1.5 Degrees - The Blade Grip

Press Grips from L.A.B. Golf eliminate the need for golfers to consciously forward press.

Press No. 2 1.5 Degrees has 1.5 degrees of built in forward tilt, making it easy for golfers to create a consistent forward press and get their putts rolling faster and truer.

The shaping of Press No. 2 1.5 Degrees employs a minimally tapered, smaller barrel shape that features a 1 inch flat side down its centre to make hand position easy and repeatable.

The construction of this putter grip is made from EVA Foam Underlisting with a Synthetic PU Outer - providing great feel and feedback for the golfer.

The Press No. 2 1.5 Degrees is also perfect for non L.A.B. Golf putters.

Please Note: Using Press No. 2 1.5 Degrees with non L.A.B. Golf putters is encouraged, but due to its 1.5 degree tilt it may require golfers to add a little loft to their putter for the best results.


Key Putter Grip Facts

Made For:
L.A.B. Golf B.2 & L.A.B. Golf  BLāD.1
1.5 Degrees
10.50 Inches
1.40 Inches (Top) -  1.20 Inches (Bottom)
59.00 Grams

Press Grips  - We Always Press & So Should You

L.A.B. Golf Putter Grips are created with built in Forward Press Technology.  The range of putter grips preset the ideal shaft lean at address and make it instinctive for golfers to hit up through impact and create a pure end over end roll.

The range is available in two different tilts (1.5 degrees and 3.0 degrees) to help golfers dial in the right amount of forward press for their putter and stroke.  The L.A.B. Golf Putter Grip range includes multiple shapes and constructions to suit a wide range of feel and weight preferences.

The Problem

If you’ve ever tried to forward press, you know that you need to position your hands ahead of the ball for it to work - either at the address or at the moment of impact.  It’s not an easy thing to learn or execute.  However, a lot of the best golfers in the world do it because it helps them get their putts rolling faster and truer.

Think of forward pressing like hitting up with your driver.  With a forward shaft lean, it’s easier to create an upward putter swing at impact that encourages a faster forward ball roll (i.e. reduced skidding and backspin).

The Solution

Press Grips eliminate the need for golfers to consciously forward press.  The forward lean of the putter shaft is established through the grip design, eliminating yet another variable in the putting stroke.

Works On Any Putter

Press Grips are just as beneficial with other putters as they are with L.A.B. Golf putters.  With other putters a golfer may need to add loft to their putter to optimise ball roll because of the built in forward press.

A special benefit of using Press Grips on L.A.B. Golf putters is that they align the hands directly over the golf ball at address, a position that the majority golfers find most comfortable.  This is unlike forward pressing with other putters and putter grips, which requires golfers to position the hands ahead of the ball.

How It Works

Press Grips achieve what we call an “Integrated Forward Press” through their design.  Unlike other putter grips, which generally see the shaft travel through the centre of their axis.  Press Grips are installed through the grip’s elliptical shape, which is off axis by either 3.0 degrees or 1.5 degrees depending on the model.

Golf Grip Specifications

L.A.B. Golf
Press No. 2 1.5 Degrees Midsize Polyurethane
Core Size:
0.600 Round
Black / White