LA Golf TPZ One35 Straight Stepless Putter Shaft (139g) - White

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LA Golf TPZ - Low Torque & Buttery Feel

The TPZ putter shaft is stiffer than all other putter shafts on tour.  This extremely stiff, low torque shaft eliminates any wiggle or deflection in the putter head caused by traditional shafts but still feels buttery soft.  TPZ creates better distance control and greater consistency in your intended ball start line.

The TPZ Putter Shaft is available in Straight Stepless.  There are two weights One05 & One35.  Each weight option is available in  0.355" or 0.370" tip diameter.  Colour options are Black or White.



  • 100% graphite,  high strength to weight ratio = greater stability.
  • 8 PGA tour wins in the first year on tour.
  • Record setter for strokes gained putting in a tournament.

Data Driven

Putting analysis software has proven that torsional and bending deflection occur on longer putts. This  unwanted deflection can cause a perfectly stuck putt to deviate from your intended line resulting in a missed putt.  TPZ Yields unmatched stability through extreme stiffness and low torque while maintaining a buttery feel.


TPZ One05 Or TPZ One35

For putter shafts, it is more of a feel preference.  If you prefer a heavier feel, we recommend the TPZ One35.

The TPZ One05 is recommended for players preferring a lighter overall putter weight and reduces the transitional load.

Golf Shaft Specifications

LA Golf
TPZ One35 Straight Stepless
FlexWeightTorqueTip DiameterButt DiameterRaw LengthBall FlightParallel TipTrim Code
N/A 139g 2.0° 0.355" or 0.370" 0.655" 36" N/A - IR12