Shaft Extensions & Epoxy

Lengthen virtually any club on the market with our easy-to-install shaft extenders. Just apply epoxy, slide the extender into the shaft butt, let the epoxy cure and cut to length. Graphite extenders can be sanded to fit.

Please Note:

(1) Extending a club more than 2" may compromise shaft integrity and increase risk of breakage.

(2) Most steel shafts have .600" butt diameters. Be sure to verify correct diameter before ordering.

Key Information

The main difference between extending a steel shaft and a graphite shaft is that on the latter, the inside diameter can vary considerably from one shaft model to the next, depending on the weight category and flex.

Graphite extenders can be sanded/scraped to fit.

The Universal Plastic Shaft Extension can be used on both steel and graphite shafts.