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2 Thumb Classic Original Putter Grip

The putter grip which began the oversized putter grip revolution throughout golf hence its name 'The Original'.

Now widely adopted in the professional game 'The Original' is manufactured from a tour soft rubber compound moulded into this iconic paddle shape putter grip.

While any grip style can be employed with 'The Original', many who use it gain its full benefit by combining this with the Two Thumb methodology of placing the thumbs side by side in order to align the shoulders.

Just like 'The Originals' much lighter cousin (The Big Daddy Light), the large surface area will reduce grip tension and with it reduce any potential wrist break.

Different Putting Gripping Styles

A grip that will accommodate all of today's gripping styles, from Prayer, Conventional, Left Hand Low and Claw.


Could The 2 Thumb Technique Improve Your Putting?

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2 Thumb Story

The 2 Thumb grip strives to make putting easier for golfers of all levels.  They produce a range of ergonomically designed putter grips that aid grip alignment, help prevent grip twist and ensure an easily repeatable stroke.

Their mission is simple, they’re dedicated to improving your putting.

2 Thumb believe that putting is the single most important skill in golf.  The putter grip is the connection point or contact area between the player and the putter making it of critical importance.  This is where 2 Thumb's innovative and patented designs make a real difference to players of all levels.  From their range of Classic 2 Thumb grips featuring their timeless 'Original' and their 2 Thumb putting methodology through to their 'Snug' technology; they are leading thinkers in putter grip innovation. 

2 Thumb putter grips, reduce wrist break and do not twist like more circular designs.  2 Thumb are R&A and USGA approved.

2 Thumb Grip Range


Golf Grip Specifications

2 Thumb
Classic Original
Core Size:
0.580 Round