BJM Kotahi Standard 14 Inch Giant Silicone Putter Grip - Light Blue

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100.00 Grams

BJM Kotahi Putter Grips Are Not Just A Grip - But A Complete Putting System

BJM Kotahi is a small innovative company that has studied the biomechanics of the putting stroke to investigate “What-Why-When” we do things while putting.  This has allowed them to develop and refine a performance putting grip.

BJM Kotahi Putter Grips are not just putter grips, it is a complete putting system and are defined as performance grips that is based on biomechanics and science.  Through its unique design and hold system, it allows the palms of the hands to turn up.  This results in reduced mobility of the hands, wrists and arms, and influences thoracic rotation which in turn allows the hands to become external drivers.

Putting has never been easy for many of us to master with so many factors coming in to play.  The BJM Putting System has just made it a lot easier. 

Putting Science Made Simple - Our Science - Our System.


Ask Yourself This Question: 

Why do we place our thumbs on top of putter grips?

Well the simple answer is that we have been told that is how it is.  This is how they have always been designed but there is no science behind why we do.  Having the palms of your hands facing each other allows for full mobility of your hands which is never a good thing when putting.

Having you thumbs on top is great when using your driver/woods/irons as we need the mobility in our hands to be able to load the muscles to execute the shots.  

Why do we need this mobility in our hands when it comes to putting, simple answer is we do not!  The Kotahi™ has a unique design and hold system allowing us to correctly rotate using our thoracic.  This in turn removes the hands, wrists and arms out of play.  This results in the head of the putter staying perpendicular to the swing arch and has a positive impact on consistent putting.


The Revolutionary Putting System

By turning both palms up we reduce the mobility in the joints of the hands and arms thus resulting in:

•     Reduced unwanted movement in the putter head.
•     More consistent putter arc and stroke length.
•     Reduced face rotation & variations between backstroke and impact.
•     Help overcoming physiological glitches also known as "The YIPS".

The Kotahi™ Range

Within the BJM Kotahi™ range there are 2 putter grip sizes, Standard and Undersize, both of which are a Giant profile.  There are 2 different skins/feels, these are Silicone and  Polyurethane (PU).  The Kotahi™ range provides a putter grip option for all golfers.

We recommend that the BJM Hold System is adopted to fully benefit from its unique design.  However, all grip styles can be accommodated using Kotahi putter grips, traditional, left hand low, saw and claw.


Model Width (inches) Depth (inches) Length (inches) Weight (g)
Standard 14 Inch Silicone 1.25" 1.75" 14.00" 100g
Standard 14 Inch PU 1.25" 1.75" 14.00" 100g
Undersize 11 Inch Silicone 1.125" 1.50" 11.00" 65g
Undersize 11 Inch PU 1.125" 1.50" 11.00" 65g


How To Use The BJM Hold System

Putting Science Made Simple - Start making more putts today.

Click To Download The BJM Hold System

The hold is very easy to use and self explanatory.  You will be putting correctly in 5 minutes.


The bore of the BJM Kotahi Putter Grip is parallel, through the entire length of the grip.  As putter shafts generally taper, the area where the lower part of the grip will locate may need building up/packing out with build up tape to accommodate the 0.600 core diameter.

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Golf Grip Specifications

BJM Kotachi
Standard 14 Inch Giant Silicone
Core Size:
0.600 Round
Light Blue