Brampton Pro-Fix 20/20 Long Cure Shaft Bonding Adhesive Epoxy - 8oz (236ml Approx)

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Brampton Pro-Fix 20/20 - Creating Better Bonds

Professional trade epoxy as used on tour and in professional golf workshops worldwide.

Pro-Fix 20/20 was the first epoxy Brampton formulated and was engineered for assembly and production shops that had an extended work life of 20-25 minutes.  

It is a two component epoxy mixed 1:1 by volume with a 20 hour cure forming a toughened off white bond.  This formulation was developed with impact resistance and durability as its major component and has shown outstanding performance and versatility   

If you can wait for this epoxy to cure you will have an excellent aerospace quality bond at an affordable price.

Available in plastic squeeze bottles - 8oz kits (2 x 4oz bottles).


Benefits & Properties

• Superior structural properties

• Very high impact resistant

• Excellent adhesion on Steel, Graphite, Titanium and Composites

• Full performance from -50F to 180Fe

• Easy clean-up

Product Specifications

Brampton Pro-Fix 20/20 Long Cure Shaft Bonding Adhesive Epoxy - 8oz (236ml Approx)
8oz (2 x 4oz bottles) / 236ml


Customers who liked this product said...

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    Brampton Pro fix 20:20

    Posted by David Humphrey on 25th Mar 2021

    Reliable bond. If you don't need a quick cure then this will give you greater shear resistance so less failures. Trusted brand for golf and clear finish.

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    Brampton Pro-Fix 20/20 Epoxy Adhesive

    Posted by KenT on 28th Dec 2020

    Excellent product, good flow quality to dispense (if kept warm), easy to clean excess from joint with an alcohol wipe & excellent adhesion achieved between shaft & head. A highly recommended product.