Evnroll Gravity Grip GG3 Palm Lock Jumbo Putter Grip - White / Black

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Reducing Face Rotation

Virtually Eliminates Face Rotation Through Impact

The hands are incredibly sensitive.  The grip is the only physical connection you have to your putter.  Where your hands are at impact determines how your putter face makes contact with the ball.  1 degree of face angle at impact will just barely catch the edge of the hole 10 inches away.  Face angle at impact is the key to hitting your lines and making more putts.


Instant Accuracy

The number one goal in putting is to hit your start line.  That means maintaining a square face angle to the target line before and after impact.

The gravity grip has an ultra-light EVA foam body that only weighs 35 grams and a 70 gram 10.00” steel rod directly under the shaft.  This downward gravitational pull of the steel rod tells your hands the position of the putter face.


Tying the hands to the putter face promotes keeping the face angle square through the entire hitting area.  This virtually eliminates face rotation at impact.

The Pull Of Gravity


The Science

The Gravity Grip - Four Ergonomically Designed Shapes

GG1 - is a 1.00” wide with a deep V design that moves the gravity rod 1.00” below the shaft.
GG2 - is a 1.10” wide with a  shallow shape that emphasises a flat top surface.
GG3 - is a 1.00” wide with a deep pistol flare butt section.
GG4 - is an oversized rounded shape to reduce hand rotation.


The Gravity Grip Sizing

Within the Evnroll Gravity Grip GG range there are 4 putter grip sizes, providing a grip option for all golfers.

Model Width (inches) Depth (inches) Length (inches) Weight (g)
GG1 1.00" 1.40" 11.40" 130g
GG2 1.10" 1.15" 11.40" 125g
GG3 1.00" 1.70" 11.40" 145g
GG4 1.40" 1.15" 10.80" 140g


Believe in the Evnroll Gravity Grip technology.

Golf Grip Specifications

Gravity Grip GG3 Palm Lock Jumbo
Core Size:
0.600 Round
White / Black