Fujikura Speeder NX Blue 70 Wood Shaft (73g-76g) - 0.335" Tip - Blue

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Gripped N’ Tipped.
Built to your specification. Supplied ready to play.

This shaft is supplied with your choice of grip & shaft adaptor included in the price and will be supplied professionally assembled to your desired playing length. Just bolt the shaft into your clubhead & you’re ready to play. We will contact you via email after your order is placed to confirm your build options.

The Next Generation Of Speeder

The Speeder line has been completely redesigned and features a breakthrough Fujikura proprietary technology – Variable Torque Core (VTC).

Developed through their enso® system, Speeder NX is the first Fujikura product line to integrate Variable Torque in its design, utilising premium materials to refine twisting stiffness in specific regions along the core of the shaft.


Stiffened torque in the tip and handle section results in increased stability and consistent dynamic loft and face closure at impact.

Variable Torque Core

A technology featured in Speeder NX that leverages premium materials and advanced layup techniques to refine twisting in the core of the shaft.


Fujikura’s proprietary 3D motion capture system that enables them to efficiently analyse and thoroughly test shaft designs.

Enso® analytics has helped lead to breakthrough innovations such as VeloCore and Variable Torque.


Golf Shaft Specifications

Speeder NX Blue 70
FlexWeightTorqueTip DiameterButt DiameterRaw LengthBall FlightParallel TipTrim Code
Stiff (S) 73g 2.9° 0.335" 0.606" 46" Mid/High 3" WD22
Extra Stiff (X) 74.5g 2.9° 0.335" 0.608" 46" Mid/High 3" WD22
Tour Extra Stiff (TX) 76g 2.9° 0.335" 0.607" 46" Mid/High 3" WD22