Fujikura Ventus TR VeloCore Red 6 Wood Shaft (68g-70g) - 0.335" Tip - Red

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Gripped N’ Tipped.
Built to your specification. Supplied ready to play.

This shaft is supplied with your choice of grip & shaft adaptor included in the price and will be supplied professionally assembled to your desired playing length. Just bolt the shaft into your clubhead & you’re ready to play. We will contact you via email after your order is placed to confirm your build options.

Ventus Redefining Stability - Again

Fujikura have introduced a new profile to the lineup - VENTUS TR.  Born from the continuous quest for improvement and backed by enso® driven analytics and Tour feedback, VENTUS TR builds upon one of the most trusted and best selling wood shafts in Fujikura history.

TR is a new mid launch, low spin profile in the VENTUS line.  Welcome to the next level of VENTUS performance.

Ventus TR Red

The softest tip section of the TR line-up.  Ventus TR Red is ideal for players seeking a mid-high launch profile with controlled spin and increased stability.


VeloCore Technology & Spread Tow Fabric

Utilising VeloCore Technology to provide an incredibly stable platform, VENTUS TR incorporates an added layer of ultra high modulus spread tow material to stiffen torque in the mid/handle section.

enso® Analytics

Ongoing enso® analytics show that this section of the shaft is one of the highest stress points during the transition and downswing. Adding incredibly strong and ultra lightweight spread tow material to VENTUS TR stiffens torque in this specific section by almost 10% compared to VENTUS Blue, even further reducing shaft twist and ovalization during the swing.

VENTUS TR integrates advanced design features to provide players additional stability, increased consistency, and enhanced overall performance.


Premium Materials & Technology


All New VeloCore TR Technology

Spread Tow Fabric
An ultra high modulus and lightweight composite woven material used to increase torsional stiffness and stability without adding excess weight.

VeloCore Technology
A multi material bias core using full length Pitch 70T carbon fibre to create an incredibly stable platform.

enso® Analytics
Capturing at +1,000 fps, our proprietary 3D motion capture system allows us to further explore and fully understand the relationship between the shaft and the player leading to the development of industry leading shaft performance.

Shaft Profile Guide


EI Profile Comparison


Golf Shaft Specifications

Ventus VeloCore TR Red 6
FlexWeightTorqueTip DiameterButt DiameterRaw LengthBall FlightParallel TipTrim Code
Regular (R) 67.5g 3.4° 0.335" 0.608" 46" Mid/High 3" WD22
Stiff (S)  68g  3.2°  0.335"  0.608"  46"  Mid/High 3"  WD22
Extra Stiff (X) 69.5g 3.0° 0.335" 0.608" 46" Mid/High 3" WD22