Golf Mechanix Heavy Duty Compact Shaft Extractor

Golf Mechanix
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Golf Mechanix Heavy Duty Compact Shaft Extractor

The Golf Mechanix Heavy Duty Compact Shaft Extractor built with industrial performance features is designed for the smaller shops, but is fully capable of handling the biggest jobs. 

Superb functionality, pulling power and serviceability.

Features a newly designed 3-inch clamp with non-marring rubber jaws along with a T-handle to better regulate the desired pressure applied to the shaft.  

This extractor has a full 5" throw for working on deep shafted wedges, hybrids and shafts with adaptors.  The gated hosel stopper has clearance for 0.335" 0.370" & 0.410" shaft tips, this prevents weakening shafts that are to be re-used.  There is a powerful 700 Lbs. compression spring embedded into the hosel stopper, pushing the club head out as the epoxy bond disintegrates under the applied heat.


  • Extractor can be held in a bench vice or a mounted to work bench.
  • High load, low friction, low wear trapezoidal thread and brass nut produce the large mechanical advantage and efficient transfer of power needed to pin the shaft down with minimal slippage.
  • 700 Lbs. compression spring pushes against the hosel stopper, liberating the head as soon as the epoxy bond starts to break down under the applied heat.
  • High Shear, vulcanised rubber jaws constricts the shaft over its circumference therefore distributing pressure evenly while creating slippage inhibiting friction over a larger surface area.
  • Quick 1/4 turn ratcheting action provides leverage, speed and reduces stress on the palm and wrist.  Wrench also fits on shaft clamp nut doubling efficiency.


Golf Mechanix
Heavy Duty Compact Shaft Extractor