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Lighter Due To Manufacturing Innovations - JMX UltraLite Series

The JMX UltraLite Series are a breakthrough in golf grip technology offering the same stability and control of the patented JumboMax grips at around half the weight.  Not possible until recent manufacturing innovations, the JMX UltraLite Series of grips are for the player who wants all the stability and control of oversized grip technology, while retaining the feeling of more weight in the club head.



The JMX UltraLite debuts Tri-Texture™ with specially designed surface details placed in specific areas of the grip to boost performance and feel in all weather conditions.


Larger Grips for Longer Shots & Incredible Accuracy

The patented JumboMax grip gives you a stronger, yet more relaxed grip on the club for longer shots and incredible accuracy. The performance characteristics of JumboMax Grips are achieved through a twist-resistant, high-energy transfer core, while the ultra-tacky, shock-absorbing outer layer enhances feel and playability in a variety of weather conditions.

The Patented JumboMax grips are designed to provide you with:

  • Better Control & Accuracy
  • Faster Clubhead Speed
  • Increased Distance
  • More Confidence
  • Shock Absorbing Technology

What Bryson Says...

"I used these grips to win the 2020 U.S. Open. They're everything I could want in a swing grip. They're simply the best of both worlds and they help me max out the distance with every club in my bag.

I just love the way the UltraLites feel. They're firm, stable and don't tear up my hands even with all the hours of practice I put in."


JumboMax Grips can quickly and dramatically improve the way you play the game of golf. Independent tests by GolfTest USA and Golf Etc. showed that in nearly every category tested, from club head speed, launch angle, side spin, back spin to carry distance, JumboMax Grips beat standard golf grips. Once you try them you'll never want to go back to a "skinny" grip again.

Patented. Conforms with USGA Rules.

5 years in development and testing, JumboMax Grips can make an immediate improvement in your golf game.

In head-to-head testing by Golf Etc. of America, and GolfTest USA, golfers increased their driver carry distance by an average of 10 yards, reduced slice spin, increased ball speed, improved launch angle and gained accuracy.

In 73% of categories tested, JumboMax Grips beat standard grips!

JumboMax® Grips are designed to fit your hands better for more solid ball striking. Our Finger-Palm™ technology places the grip in the strongest, most stable part of your hand while promoting a relaxed grip on the club for a more fluid and powerful swing.


JumboMax Grips eliminate tension for faster clubhead speed. Golf instructors universally agree that the fastest way to ruin a good golf swing is by gripping the club too tightly, or by increasing grip pressure during the swing, which prevents the club from releasing at impact. Our Finger-Palm technology instantly gives you a more secure hold on the club, so you don't feel the need to squeeze. You'll relax your grip on the club freeing your hands and arms to release the club naturally, giving you the fluid, effortless and powerful swing you need. You'll find it easier to keep the clubface square longer through impact for straighter, more powerful shots.

How do JumboMax compare to standard grips?

The golf industry does have a standard for measuring grip sizing on non-putter grips. Measuring 2" below the grip end cap, the diameter of the grip is recorded.

The following chart compares the diameter 2" below the grip end cap for various grip sizes.


Play and practice longer with less shock on your joints.

JumboMax Grips outperform standard grips for distance and accuracy and have the added benefit of being extremely shock-absorbing. If you experience pain during or after golf or have arthritis, you will really appreciate our super-oversized, shock absorbing technology.

Yes, these grips are for you.

From novices to advanced players, everyone can benefit from the secure, yet relaxed grip provided by JumboMax Grips. They will quickly and dramatically improve the way you play the game of golf adding to the enjoyment of your game.

Frequently Asked Questions

Enjoy the comfort, playability and lower scores you’ll get with JumboMax Grips.

Extensively tested by golfers of all abilities, and confirmed by GolfTest USA and Golf Etc. of America, JumboMax Grips are quickly developing an incredible following. Golfers are experiencing better control, increased distance, more confidence and are just having more fun on the golf course!

How to determine your JumboMax Grip Size

Use the golf glove cross-reference chart below to help you select the best size JumboMax Grip for you.

Men's Golf Glove Size JumboMax Grip Size
Small or Medium Cadet Glove STANDARD, STANDARD OVERSIZE (+1/16), STANDARD JUMBO (+1/8) or X-SMALL (+3/16)
Medium Glove X-SMALL (+3/16") or SMALL (+1/4")
Medium-Large Glove SMALL (+1/4") or MEDIUM (+5/16")
Large Glove MEDIUM (+5/16")
X-Large Glove MEDIUM (+5/16") or LARGE (+11/32")
XX-Large Glove LARGE (+11/32") or X-LARGE (+3/8")
XXX-Large Glove X-LARGE (+3/8")


Women’s Golf Glove JumboMax Grip Size
Small or Medium Glove STANDARD JUMBO (+1/8) or X-SMALL (+3/16)
Large or XL Glove SMALL (+1/4")
XX-Large Glove MEDIUM (+5/16")


JumboMax Grip SizeWeightCore Diameter Mid Diameter Butt Diameter
Standard Jumbo 35g 0.600" 0.91" 1.16"
Extra Small 43g 0.600" 1.00" 1.23"
Small 48g 0.600" 1.03" 1.35"
Medium 47g 0.600" 1.07" 1.40"
Large 48g 0.600" 1.11" 1.44"
Extra Large 50g 0.600" 1.14" 1.46"


Golf Grip Specifications

JMX UltraLite Series Giant (LARGE +11/32")
Core Size:
0.600 Round