NO1 Grip 48 Series Grips - Black / White

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48.00 Grams

Create A More Consistent Golf Grip 

For a more consistent and accurate swing, NO1 Grip has discovered the importance of re-gripping.  Similar to the concept of re-shafting for faster club head speed, NO1 Grip will help you re-grip and maximise playability. 

From improved trajectory, increased distance, to lower scores, NO1 Grip will change your golf game.


Available in range of colours for the image conscious golfer.

Utilising The Latest In Japanese Technology 

To create something we have never made before.  To pursue the ideal touch, feel, and comfort.  NO1 Grip is made only in Japan, using the latest technology, by the hands of world class developers and engineers. NO1 Grip have utilised their finest resources to create the most textured and precise golf grip of all time.

A Formula One car uses specially made racing tyres to decrease lap time by a mere 1/1000 of a second.  No1 Grip believe in the same concept, having chosen the best materials to create a superior feeling between you and your clubs.

No1 Grip deliver exceptional adhesion, which is key to lowering your scores.

The 48 Series is a standard size golf grip, designed with dimples aligned in a straight pattern for ideal touch and feedback.


Golf Grip Specifications

NO 1 Grip
48 Series
Core Size:
0.600 Round
Black / White